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opening a backup.adi file in debian

Dear Folks,

As well using Debian I also run Windows 10.   I had been making what I thought were decent backup DVDs on Windows.

But something has gone funny.  I can't seem to restore the files from the DVDs.  Windows keeps wanting to read in a different DVD with a different date on it but when I find it and insert it it complains it is the wrong one and asks for yet another with a different date etc ad infinitum......

So I thought, why not copy the files from  one of the DVDs on to my Debian installation and see if I can't extract the files using some archive extractors etc.

After poking around a bit I managed to unzip and extract a file which has the file extension .adi on it.

Does anyone know of a utility etc that could open up an adi file and get at the underlying files stored in it?

Suggestions gratefully appreciated.


Michael Fothergill

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