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Re: LXDE Display Coordination

ray composed on 2015-11-10 17:22 (UTC-0800):

>> what is output from

>> 	# 
> # cat /proc/cmdline
> placeholder root=/dev/mapper/mycomp--vg-root ro initrd=/install/gtk/initrd.gz quiet

Rather sparse, with nothing attempting to impact display configuration, other
than hiding init messages (quiet). Did you do that as user instead of root?
If not as root, do again as root.

>> what is output from

>> 	# fbset

> # fbset
> bash: fbset: command not found

# apt-get install fbset and try again.

>> Is your desired desktop result persisting across reboots?

> This is interesting.  It is persistent for the user this was setup under.  The other users have not changed to 1920x1080.  Note, root has 1920x1080 desktop from the original session shell command.  Note 2, the boot paramters for 1290x1080 have been removed.

How best to proceed depends on whether you want configuration done for only
individual user(s), or globally. If you want global, then everything done in
$HOME needs to be migrated out or eliminated.
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