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Re: LXDE Display Coordination

Thank you all for the info.  That is challenging to understand.  But I see xrandr being used and Xfce (which looks like is needed to get xrandr).  So I:
apt-get install Xfce4
with no errors.  

I did not include any of the added packages.  

I ran xrandr and selected a different configuration since I already had 1920x1080.  I picked 1680x1050.  There was not immediate change.  So I rebooted.

I could no longer login as the user that I installed Xfce under.  But I can log in under root.  (This happend when I tried this same thing on a desktop a couple months ago, I never figured out how it failed - and histry repeats what I don't remember!) 

I am not sure where to go from here.  What I would like is to recover that user session.  If I recall for the desktop, I could log on through a terminal which implied that I broke something related to the display managerm.  But I was never able to recover that user, so I just copied my data to a new directory, removed the user, added the user again and brought my data files back in.  But that does not solve the problem of how to get Xfce to work.

Any suggested steps?

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