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Re: Strong Copyleft licenses other than the GNU GPL family.

El 05/11/15 a las 03:27, Nicolas George escribió:
Le quartidi 14 brumaire, an CCXXIV, Mario Castelán Castro a écrit :
By strong Copyleft I mean a free software license that requires "derivate
works" (as determined by Copyright law) to be free software (as in freedom),
including works that are derivatives by making use of the Copylefted work
through an API.

This kind of license, if it exists or if someone invents it, would have two
serious drawbacks. That may explain why you do not find one.

Thanks for replying.

I found the IBM public license. _Can somebody else point me to a license that is strong Copyleft other than the GNU GPL family?._

You are right regarding API usage itself. What I meant to say is *dynamic linking*. I am looking for a strong Copyleft licenses other than the GNU GPL, strong enough to apply Copyleft in case of dynamic linking (as far as Copyright law allows this provision, which there seems to be some dispute about, especially regarding Linux modules).

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