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Strong Copyleft licenses other than the GNU GPL family.


Apart from the GNU GPL GNU LGPL, GNU AGPL, and Affero GPL, are there other *strong Copyleft* licenses (note that this entails being a free software license) for software (this excludes the CC BY-SA family)?

I have checked some popular free software licenses like the Mozilla Public License 2.0, however, this license allows proprietary-licensed derived works, and therefore it is not a strong Copyleft license.

All other free software licenses I have checked so far are either permissive or have *weak* Copyleft.

By strong Copyleft I mean a free software license that requires "derivate works" (as determined by Copyright law) to be free software (as in freedom), including works that are derivatives by making use of the Copylefted work through an API.

Thanks in advance.

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