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How to write optimized code for an instruction set not supported by my computer?


What is the usual workflow to write code that takes advantage of an instruction set that is not present in my computer (either in assembly or using intrinsic functions that represent those instructions in an higher level language)?. For example, if I want to write code for decoding and encoding Base64 that uses AVX instructions in my machine that has no support for any version of AVX (only SSE 4.2 and CLMUL), what is the recommended workflow?.

It seems like I *could* develop within a virtual machine emulated with Bochs that supports these instructions, but that would give a very big overhead, since I would have to emulate a whole system, and Bochs has no multithreading support (so that will make it less efficient if I want to write multithreaded code). Is there a better option?

Regards and thanks in advance.

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