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Re: [OT] Free software vs non-free, here we go again

Le nonidi 9 vendémiaire, an CCXXIV, Doug a écrit :
> Therefore, the example given above is incorrect: all free software is NOT
> open source: Firefox and Thunderbird are prime examples of free software
> which is not open source that probably most users of Linux are using today.
> They[re _free_ becasue you didn't have to pay for it. simple as that.

As was pointed to you already, you are wrong on this.

> This whole (OT) discussion perverts the meaning of the word "free."*
> In common usage, the word "free" means you do not have to pay money for it.

> * The American Heritage Dictionary shows "free" first in regard to
> slavery, or arrest, etc. It goes on to discuss politics and free vs.
> dictatorship. It eventually gets to "costing nothing; gratuitous:
> _a free pass."

So basically, you are contradicting yourself in the very same post, since
you affirm that there is a single meaning, and then quote a dictionary that
proves there are several meanings.

> All of these are certainly in common usage, but the idea of "free"
> applying to software that one may share seems to be unique to some Linux
> users.

You may want to read a little bit to avoid appearing completely clueless on
this list:


You may notice that some people in this discussion have carefully put
capitals to "Free Software", and even used Libre (from Latin ascent through
Spanish and French) instead.


  Nicolas George

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