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Re: [OT] Free software vs non-free, here we go again

On 27/09/2015 13:47, Reco wrote:

>The above is one of the main reasons that many sysadmins prefer to use
>RedHat and Windows despite the fact that both companies cannot always be
>aware of very critical bugs.
Oh. Now you put the Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the non-free category.
May I ask why you did so?

Answer: Can I get a copy of this [http://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/virtualization] without paying and with all the benefits?

>This is not what makes these companies and their software dangerous.
>If you do feel that this is what makes software dangerous indeed it's an
>argument but it might not meet reality or reality requirements in many
>Then, what do you mean by dangerous? it was not really clear from your
Lack of control is dangerous.
Undeclared capabilities of the software are dangerous.
Unknown quality of code (without the ability to evaluate it at least)
is dangerous.


Thanks Reco for the clarification!
About the sysadmins males.. females.. really? I am talking in male.. if anyone get offended by that then well I cannot guaranty that any word I am writing will be right for everyone and I will not blame my bad English for that.

I will not say that lack of control is not dangerous but there are many software vendors out there which gives great products which are packaged and you can test them on your own. If a company such as Juniper(as an example) would not test their products I would consider them reckless and I do not consider them as such. I still believe that software vendors invest a lot of money and efforts into making their products good in terms of code quality in many aspects. Just as much as I do not like couple things in MS products I do not like things in RedHat, Juniper or F5 and many others. On some products I am lacking full control since this is how they are built and packaged and I do not think that full control is good in all cases. In some cases lack of control is to the benefit of the admin as a part of the product. There are cases that it's understandable and in others it not. The bottom line is that we do agree on the basic principals and we do agree that someone needs to consider the pros vs cons and to decide if it fits the purpose and if it is not dangerous before using the software.

* juniper gives up to 90 days of evaluation max
* MS gives up to 180 days of evaluation(else then their free Hyper-v)
* RedHat gives evaluation options
And I know that many others do give evaluation period which can be considered good.


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