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Re: Deleting i386 packages


On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 07:36:32AM +0300, Eliezer Croitoru wrote:
> I will not argue since truth can be seen from more then one side.
> Proprietary software usage is normal in all cases.

No surprise in such position here, since apparently you're using Windows.
And you came to the wrong place to promote such view of things.

But I disagree with you. It boils down to the question of control. As
long as you cannot change the software in question if needed - you're
not in control. They do.

As for 'all cases':

Is it OK to do banking using non-free software?
Is it OK to trust healthcare of personal information to non-free

> It is as dangerous as the usage of open source software.

No it's more dangerous. See above about control.

> It might limit but it gives something that not all open source software can
> give.

Which is? What's that magical thing?

> It doesn't limit freedom but just a mere functionality "limit" like any
> other software that exists and will exist ever.

No. Existence or absence of functionality is the question of change.
With the free software you can make the needed change.
With the non-free software you cannot.

> Software is Software and if someone requires something it doesn't matter if
> it fits the needs.

Nope. Non-free software usually comes with restrictions in field of
usage or other completely artificial restrictions.


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