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Re: Enscript and unicode, was Re: is a2ps broken?

On Fri, September 25, 2015 11:34 pm, David Wright wrote:
> The OP thanked me for my first post which suggested what might cause
> problems in a2ps, but AFAICT gave no feedback on whether it was any help.
> Presumably not, hence his move to enscript.
> He appears not to be interested in unicode ("Fooey on unicode, then.")

Hi, David.

Your comments were helpful; they told me what I needed to know -- that
a2ps is broken with respect to unicode.  I did not see what to do to a2ps,
much less, how to do it.  So, having a pressing need, I abandoned a2ps and
with relatively little effort I managed to get enscript configured to my

I suppose that, running Jessie, I am using unicode, but that aspect of
Linux is something I never have studied, and at present I do not have time
to study.  I simply must use whatever representation the Debian team has
decided to employ; but I do regret losing a2ps, which, for a number of
years, worked well "right out of the box".

However, whatever the representation used in Jessie, enscript is working
for me.


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