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Re: debian8 & graphics

On 09/22/2015 06:10 PM, Rick McDaniel wrote:
> I loved Debian 8. I tried to install it on several Desktops &
> laptops. I gave up on the laptops & 2 of the desktops because i could
> not get the graphics 2 work.Spent days & read everything i could &
> followed directions to the letter & know what? I gave up.Hate to
> admit it. Yeah,they were old machines,but so what? I have come to the
> conclusion that you Debian's don't want your software to become main
> stream. I guess you want to feel superior & exclusive. You win. I
> will find another distro. Advice. Make it easier for people with
> legacy NVIDIA or ATI graphics to install.Goodby

I am running debian testing on an ancient sempron(32 bit) box. 
with a nvidia tnt2/vanta(swapped in because a newer one failed).
xorg with nouveau driver has basic opengl accel and video playback accel. 
I've recently read that gnome needs programmable vertex shaders these days. 
You might want to avoid that.
I'm using iceWM as display manager with idesk. 
As long as I don't use it for gaming, it's ok...

watching videos and firefox works. firefox is slow...

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