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Re: debian8 & graphics

On Tue, 22 Sep 2015 11:53:23 -0400 (EDT), Rick McDaniel wrote:
> I loved Debian 8.  I tried to install it on several Desktops & laptops.
> I gave up on the laptops & 2 of the desktops because i could not get
> the graphics 2 work.  Spent days & read everything i could & followed
> directions to the letter & know what?  I gave up.  Hate to admit it.
> Yeah, they were old machines, but so what?  I have come to the
> conclusion that you Debian's don't want your software to become
> main stream.  I guess you want to feel superior & exclusive.
> You win.  I will find another distro.  Advice.  Make it easier for
> people with legacy NVIDIA or ATI graphics to install.
> Goodby

Why didn't you ask for help on this list?  You obviously know about the
list, or you couldn't have made this post.  And if you did ask for help
and no useful replies were received, I'm sure you would have complained
about it in this post.  You didn't, which leads me to surmise that you
did not ask for help.  I'm an experienced Debian user.  But I need help
sometimes.  And when I do, I ask for it.  And when I do, I usually
get it.  There is usually someone who knows the answer and is willing to
help.  There are no guarantees, of course; but it's worth a shot.

Advice: ask for help before you give up.  I have some old machines myself.
One of them has an ATI Rage XL and the other an Nvidia RIVA TNT2.  They
both run Debian.  The machine with the Nvidia card runs Debian 8.  The
machine with the ATI card used to run Debian 8, but now runs what will
become Debian 9.  Perhaps I could have been one of those who might have
provided some help.  But you've given up without asking for help, so that
will not happen.
  .''`.     Stephen Powell    <zlinuxman@wowway.com>
 : :'  :
 `. `'`

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