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Re: Fsck errors at boot, but boots anyway

On 09/09/2015 08:10 AM, Linux 4 Bene wrote:
Op Mon, 07 Sep 2015 13:23:03 -0500, schreef Sam Smith:


I've been getting some strange fsck errors for over a year now on my
Debian 8 workstation. See photo: http://tinyurl.com/otzxebh Ignore the
softreset errors. I can't really remember when the issue started, but it
was sometime after I upgraded to using systemd. I kept thinking it was a
bug and would fix itself, but apparently not.

As the photo shows /dev/md_d1 (a partitionable raid5 array) is brought
online, hangs for about 10 seconds, displays fsck: error 2 while
executing fsck.ext3 for /dev/md_d1p1 followed by error code 8
(operational error)
Then the systemd-fsck runs next and completes fine and the system boots.
So is this some conflict between util-linux and systemd? All my
filesystems are ext4 by the way.

Another issue is when a fsck actually does run, systemd doesn't display
the output, the screen just hangs for 20 minutes or so which to the
unknown user, they may reboot the machine and screw stuff up. Is that
just the nature of systemd or is there a fix?

I tried googling all these issues but really couldn't get anywhere.


Are you sure your disk(s) are ok?
Have you run a manual check? Maybe boot from a live cd and do the check
from there. 1 of the disks may be getting faulty. I would first check
that before chasing the possibility of systemd causing this.


Disks are fine, I have scripts that monitor the smart stats. I am not trying to blame systemd, just seems like something tries to run 'fsck.ext3' on an ext4 fs and bombs out, followed clearly by systemd running fsck.ext4 successfully.


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