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Re: Fsck errors at boot, but boots anyway

Quoting Sam Smith (debian@net153.net):

> Another issue is when a fsck actually does run, systemd doesn't
> display the output, the screen just hangs for 20 minutes or so which
> to the unknown user, they may reboot the machine and screw stuff up.
> Is that just the nature of systemd or is there a fix?

My systems typically have three partitions mounted, and there's no
problem seeing fsck in progress on the non-root ones. Getting the
root partition to fsck at all (on demand) was more of a challenge
because it has to be done from the initramfs stage.

Looking at scripts/functions there, the kernel parameter needed to
force a full check is forcefsck (not fsck.mode=force), but the
parameter to give you a progress spinner seems to be disabled:

        # spinner="-C" -- only if on an interactive terminal

I presume I see progress for non-root partitions because
/etc/init.d/checkroot.sh (or whatever systemd derives from it) gets
this right:

                case "$TERM" in
                        spinner="" ;;


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