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Re: adobe flash player in iceweasel does not work anymore in jessie

Op 10-09-15 om 00:41 schreef Lisi Reisz:

> Since you haven't tried to get Channel 4 at all, it hasn't been your job for 
> even five minutes.

Why don't you give an URL. How should I know which Channel 4? It's even
unclear in which country you live. Normally you cannot watch TV in
another country using the internet.


>> For security reasons I don't use flash anymore on my work-computer.
>> What I see there, is that really many sites use HTML5 when there is no
>> flash available. I think this is because of tablet-computers. On tablets
>> is no flash available.
> That is completely irrelevant to my presented problem.

No. When a site works with HTML5, then you don't need flash.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer Groningen

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