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Re: How to Boot with LVM


I booted up a rEFInd stick.  Two boots were found, the first one was the HDD Debian instance and it booted.  The second would not boot so I could not identify it.

I opened the EFI shell and found:
Fs0: no content
Fs1: no content
Fs2: no content
Fs3:  rEFInd stick
Fs4 - 7: no content
Fs8:  <dir>  EFI
  Cd EFI -> <dir> debian
  Cd debian -> grubx64.efi
  No further content.
Fs9:  has linux partions and vmlinuz and initrd.img
This was built 8/30 and last updated 9./5. -> the HDD debian instance.
Fs10 - 12: not a correct mapping.

Blk0 - 8:  no content
Blk9: rEFInd stick
Blk10-24 no content
Blk25:  not an internal or external commnd or...
Blk26:  <dir> EFI  ->  Same as fs8:
Blk27: has linux partions ...
Blk28:  not content
Blk29: not a correct mapping.

I think there is a way to use this to recover this but have not found it yet.

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