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How to Boot with LVM

I would like to configure LVMs for everything including boot.  I have read that others have done this but an I have not found the method.

While my desire is to boot from the LVM, I would consider an alternative, if I could find one.

System description:
amd64 with a HDD and 3 pairs of SSDs.  The SSD are set up as RAID0 in pairs.  The HDD currently hosts Debian 8.  I used this to configure the SSDs to overlay the RAID0s with an LVM.  The RAIDs were built on a second partition of each SSD.  The first partition is 1G for potential boot use.  

I use a USB stick to load the second Debian.  I have a lVM partition for the new installation.  When I select it, the installer (in manual mode) says it is not bootable and go back to setup to correct.  When I go back to setup, I don't see any way to do anything but select a VG, dm, sdx, or HDD.  Worse case, I would consider reconfiguring the smallest pair of SSDs to include a RAID0 for just /boot.  (I have tried to maximize for speed, but I have taken a hit for the RAID0 implementation.  I tried the motherboard controller based RAID and benchmarked it with the Linux RAID.  The Linux RAID was 10% slower but I selected it for reliability despite the speed loss - 10%).

I would like to learn how to boot from the LVM and optionally, how to use the installer to configure the devices.  

Thanks in advance.

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