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Re: Doing Dist-Upgrade or Such

> David Baron a écrit :
> > Now that the g++ business is largely behind us, want to start upgrading.
> > Problem is that with that darned partitioning by the Debian installation,
> > there is not enough room on /var to accomplish upgrade of such size.
> Too bad you did trust the Debian installer instead of using LVM and
> leaving some space available for future needs. Worth thinking about for
> your next installation.
What was presented for LVM did not look any better. Used LVM quite happily on 
previous installation (converted to it). However, if something goes awry, 
getting data out can be problematic.

> > What can be done about this?
> > 
> > Note that to get an /opt, I bind this to a directory on my over-sized
> > home.
> > Same for /usr/local!
> > These need not be mounted at boot or before home gets mounted so all this
> > kludge is well-behaved and transparent.
> You can bind|link|whatever /var/cache/apt/archive to a filesystem with
> enough free space.

Running it this way right now, seems OK. Question: Is this directory needed at 
boot, i.e., before home is mounted (why I did not try this first off)??

If it does, can put it back when done. If OK, leave it this way.

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