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Re: Doing Dist-Upgrade or Such

David Baron a écrit :
>> David Baron a écrit :
>>> Problem is that with that darned partitioning by the Debian installation,
>>> there is not enough room on /var to accomplish upgrade of such size.
>> Too bad you did trust the Debian installer instead of using LVM and
>> leaving some space available for future needs. Worth thinking about for
>> your next installation.
> What was presented for LVM did not look any better.

Because you selected LVM in the assisted mode, which messes up sizes and
does not leave any free extents for future growth. You can still reduce
an oversized LV to free some extents but if the filesystem is ext2/3/4
it cannot be reduced online so it must be unmounted first. Depending on
the mount point, it may require to switch to single user mode or boot
from a maintenance system.

Knowing this, I always select the manual mode to set up LVM and leave
free space in the VG. It's worth the extra work. When I later find out
that /var (or whatever) has become too small, I just use free extents in
the VG to grow the related LV and filesystem. Online. No reboot, no
maintenance system, no partition resizing or moving needed.

>> You can bind|link|whatever /var/cache/apt/archive to a filesystem with
>> enough free space.
> Running it this way right now, seems OK. Question: Is this directory needed at 
> boot, i.e., before home is mounted (why I did not try this first off)??

This directory is used by APT programs to store downloaded packages
files - not to update the package list. So unless some APT program
downloads packages at boot time, it's not needed.

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