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Re: Okay, that's too much now!

On 09/06/2015 11:18 AM, Dan Hitt wrote:
On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Glenn English <ghe@slsware.net> wrote:

I must be missing something. Why would anybody need to read/write files in the format of another OS?

I have Macs and Linux. Whenever I want to transfer something around the house, I use SCP. Around the country, it's usually an email attachment or rsync over SSH. I've never even thought of pulling a disk out of one machine to read it on another. Not since the floppy days, anyway.

What have I overlooked? Why does that capability even exist on an OS? Reformatted thumb drives?

You might have a multi-boot system, i.e., several OSes installed...

Yep..I can skip chroot and v-box. I can check file systems and many other things without using a flash drive or booting other media and it's great for testing upstream.
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