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Re: Mysql Access Problems after Jessie Upgrade

On 10/05/15 18:29, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Sun, 10 May 2015 18:17:27 +0100
Alan Chandler <alan@chandlerfamily.org.uk> wrote:

Hello Alan,

The plot thickens - After working during the week, I came to view
Mythtv again today and it is refusing connection to the database again.
The following may, or may not, be of use to you (taken from the Debian
Multimedia mailing list - credit to Stephan Sürken);

  in jessie "/var/run/mythtv/" seems to pre-exists at boot time with the
  "x" flag missing at the time the init script runs:

  drw-r-xr-x  2 mythtv root  40 May 10 12:41 .

  -- which makes the backend fail to start (pidfile perms).

  Any idea what causes this?

and in a follow up, also from Stephan;

  fwiw: I found it ;):

  systemctl disable monit

  fixes this on my system. Seems monit runs before and messes around with
  the pid path.

I don't think this is a mythtv problem.  All other aspects of it appear to be working with its local database connection.

The fact that

mysql --host=owl.home --user=mythtv --password=xxxxxx mythconverg
is the problem means its the database connection

Alan Chandler

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