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Re: Security updates for wheezy breaking my FAI-installation

Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de> writes:

I linked a wiki page in my previous email describing precisely what wheezy-updates is (and it is NOT the regular security update repository): https://wiki.debian.org/StableUpdates

Yes, i read that:

* Since it mentions things like updates to virus scanners, it seemed plausible to me that it was indeed the same repo. If, as you assert, it's not, then i think it's concerning that there are /two/ distinct repos one needs to enable in order to get all relevant security updates.

* The page doesn't explain if 'wheezy-updates' is distinct from 'wheezy-backports', and if so, again, why there are two repos apparently addressing the same issue. (To wit, how to get more recent versions of packages than were released with stable.)

* The phrase "When a new package is made available via wheezy-updates" is ambiguous to me; it can be read as either "a new package [that wasn't included in the initial release of wheezy]", or "a new [version of a] package [that was included in the initial release of wheezy]".

So, no, from my perspective, that page does /not/ describe "precisely what wheezy-updates is".


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