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Re: Security updates for wheezy breaking my FAI-installation

Christian Seiler <christian@iwakd.de> writes:

Am 2015-05-04 12:11, schrieb Alexis:
And my guess is that you should also remove the line:

deb http://http.debian.net/debian/ wheezy-updates main

Why that? wheezy-updates still exists and if it was in there before, it was probably wanted explicitly.

Not necessarily; people regularly cargo-cult config lines.
"I'll add this too, just in case." The fact that the config in question makes references to /both/ 'stable' /and/ 'wheezy' suggests to me that the config wasn't put together with a comprehensive understanding of how the Debian repos work.

Further, afaik, the wheezy-updates line should refer to the same set of packages as the wheezy/updates line from security.debian.org. If that's so, then having two different lines refer to the same package set is merely confusing the config further. If not, then i would certainly be interested to know what the difference between the two archives is!


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