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Re: Do archived copies of _OBSOLETE_ ISOs exist?

Richard Owlett wrote:
> Check my original post. The Wayback Machine was where I started my search.

Oh.  Oops.  Sorry.

> It has pointers to some ISOs, but they are not valid ISO files - they are
> actually 10% or less of the reported size.

They were probably too large and timed out during the wayback machine
archive runs.

> Considering the push a while back to have people use Jigdo(sp?) I suspected
> there might not be obsolete ISOs on "official" machines. That's I included
> unofficial sources. I've already retrieved over 100 files for my project.
> This list is the last place I look ;/

I think they do not exist anywhere accessible then.  You should
contact the author John Goerzen directly.  He probably still has
copies of his stuff.



P.S. Jigdo is a good way to assemble ISOs from a package mirror.  An
efficient way to keep both a mirror, which is always good, and then be
able to use it to create any combination of ISO (CD, DVD, other) from
the mirror.  But someone needs to create a jigdo file with the extra
bits for it first.

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