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Re: Do archived copies of _OBSOLETE_ ISOs exist?

Bob Proulx wrote:
Richard Owlett wrote:
Would ISOs of "Debian From Scratch" [*ANY* version] be available somewhere
(official repository or not)?

Have you tried using the Wayback Machine?


Since Debian From Scratch was simply a developer's personal project
and never an official Debian project it won't have been archived on
the Debian servers.  You would have to be lucky and find it archived
elsewhere.  Such as the Internet Archive here:


There may be newer or later snapshots archived there.  That was simply
the first one I found.  You should look around and see what you can
find there.


Check my original post. The Wayback Machine was where I started my search. It has pointers to some ISOs, but they are not valid ISO files - they are actually 10% or less of the reported size.

Considering the push a while back to have people use Jigdo(sp?) I suspected there might not be obsolete ISOs on "official" machines. That's I included unofficial sources. I've already retrieved over 100 files for my project. This list is the last place I look ;/

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