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Re: After installing Debian Jessie it boot me in tty1 only...

On 04/26/2015 09:02 AM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
hgabi84@gmail.com wrote:


I wonder why... I just wanted to try this new system and when installing
everything with ok it needs reboot - and everything I could see is the tty1
login screen...

How to solve this?

How to enable the graphical mode?

How did you install? From CD/USB or similar? There's a problem where
not all the needed packages fit on CD#1 (for example), so you'll need
a second CD or a network connection to get the rest of the
packages. That *might* be the problem you're seeing...

If he installed fresh and restored the xorg.conf file, there will be no driver to load. Just mv xorg.conf to some backup name, and reboot. It should default to his first X-screen using NV. Then, with that he can install his nvidia driver and restore the backup xorg.conf file.

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