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Re: boot-time messages, /init touch not found

songbird wrote:
> Mike Kupfer wrote:
>> Hi, after updating a jessie VM, I noticed a message during boot, before
>> lightdm started.  The message was something like
>>   /init [stuff I didn't catch] touch: not found
>> After logging in, I tried using journalctl to find the message, with no
>> success.  Is journalctl the right tool to find the message?  If not,
>> what is?
>   Mike, i'm not running a VM and have the same 
> message showing up.
>   it is in the early boot stage so you might need
> some other way to capture the message, there used
> to be a package called bootlog, but i don't know
> how well it works with systemd.

  installed the package bootlogd and so output should
show up in /var/log/boot, but that file remains empty.

/init: 401: /init: touch: not found...

>   doesn't seem to be affecting anything or preventing
> my system from coming up so i've ignore it until i
> saw your note.  likely someone changed a script in 
> the early boot process that now uses the command 
> touch when it should not be assumed to exist yet...

  that's as far as i've gotten.


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