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Re: boot-time messages, /init touch not found

Mike Kupfer wrote:

> Hi, after updating a jessie VM, I noticed a message during boot, before
> lightdm started.  The message was something like
>   /init [stuff I didn't catch] touch: not found
> After logging in, I tried using journalctl to find the message, with no
> success.  Is journalctl the right tool to find the message?  If not,
> what is?

  Mike, i'm not running a VM and have the same 
message showing up.

  it is in the early boot stage so you might need
some other way to capture the message, there used
to be a package called bootlog, but i don't know
how well it works with systemd.

  doesn't seem to be affecting anything or preventing
my system from coming up so i've ignore it until i
saw your note.  likely someone changed a script in 
the early boot process that now uses the command 
touch when it should not be assumed to exist yet...

  sorry, i'm short on time to dig into this further
but i wanted to reply at least to know you were 
heard.  :)


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