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Re: /etc/network/interfaces in jessie and systemd?


Am 2015-04-21 14:08, schrieb Mihamina Rakotomandimby:
 I used to manage network through /etc/network/interfaces.
 Most of my use case are vlans (ie: eth0.1) an aliases (ie: eth1:3)
 My context in headless VMs (no DE, no Xorg, no GUI)

 With Jessie and systemd: is it still managed with

Yes, Debian Jessie still uses /etc/init.d/networking, which reads
/etc/network/interfaces by default. (Even on systemd systems, that
script is executed.)

Two comments here:

 - if you install some network managing daemon, such as
   NetworkManager, then this might override the /etc/network
   configuration, but that is nothing new in Jessie, this was
   already the case in previous Debian versions

 - NFS mounts are now done by systemd itself, so instead of
   using the hook previous Debian versions used to mount NFS
   shares once the interface is active, Jessie now makes
   systemd wait for the network and then lets it mount the
   NFS shares directly.

   (I had NO trouble with NFS mounts on Jessie, with the same
   fstab entries as under Wheezy, so unless you do something
   really weird, the old configuration should still work as
   expected, the mechanism is now just a little different.)

 For the mount component, I found that systemd kind of "sources"
/etc/fstab and converts it to something for it (so, no worry about
fstab), but how about networking?

There is something called systemd-networkd, which is not
part of Jessie's systemd version, but will (probably) be
part of future Debian versions. This offers an alternative
way to configure networking.

Note, however, that systemd-networkd by default does not
touch any network interfaces, you have to tell it explicitly
to do something - so even if that were to be installed, as
long as the old networking scripts still exist, they'd still
be used instead of systemd's component - and only if you
explicitly configure something there will it actually do

This doesn't concern Jessie anyway, because it doesn't
contain that program.

To summarize: you should have no surprises under Jessie w.r.t.
network configuration. I've set up a couple of different types
of configuration (even complex ones) with Jessie so far (using
/etc/network/interfaces) and didn't run into any trouble.
didn't have


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