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Re: /etc/network/interfaces in jessie and systemd?

On 04/21/2015 04:42 PM, Christian Seiler wrote:

Am 2015-04-21 14:08, schrieb Mihamina Rakotomandimby:
 I used to manage network through /etc/network/interfaces.
 Most of my use case are vlans (ie: eth0.1) an aliases (ie: eth1:3)
 My context in headless VMs (no DE, no Xorg, no GUI)

 With Jessie and systemd: is it still managed with

To summarize: you should have no surprises under Jessie w.r.t.
network configuration. I've set up a couple of different types
of configuration (even complex ones) with Jessie so far (using
/etc/network/interfaces) and didn't run into any trouble.
didn't have


Thank you Christian,

Just to be sure, I saw that:

If my reading and deduction is correct, systemd will call ifup that will read /etc/network/interface.

But what is going to detect all interfaces and give them as argument to each systemd ifup service call?

Thank you.

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