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Re: /etc/network/interfaces in jessie and systemd?

Am 21.04.2015 um 15:42 schrieb Christian Seiler:
> There is something called systemd-networkd, which is not
> part of Jessie's systemd version, but will (probably) be
> part of future Debian versions. This offers an alternative
> way to configure networking.
> Note, however, that systemd-networkd by default does not
> touch any network interfaces, you have to tell it explicitly
> to do something - so even if that were to be installed, as
> long as the old networking scripts still exist, they'd still
> be used instead of systemd's component - and only if you
> explicitly configure something there will it actually do
> anything.
> This doesn't concern Jessie anyway, because it doesn't
> contain that program.

Not quite correct. The systemd package in jessie does ship
systemd-networkd, but it is disabled by default.
If you want to use networkd, you'd have to run
"systemctl enable systemd-network.service"
and configure it.

networkd in v215, which is shipped in jessie, is missing some important
features though, like e.g. the networkctl command line tool.
I'd consider networkd in jessie a tech preview. Good enough for users to
play with it in simple environments and get used to it, but not mature
yet to have it enabled by default.

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