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Re: Hibernate option in Gnome menu? (Jessie)

W. Martin Borgert wrote:

> On 2015-04-17 20:23, deloptes wrote:
>> I had to downgrade upower package (look for a posting in this forum "No
>> suspend in XFCE without systemd") to get it work again.
>> It looks like upower dropped the freedesktop actions exposed to dbus and
>> now the system dows not know of such possibility - however old upower
>> works fine
> Is this really related? My relative does run systemd, and what
> is missing in the menu is hibernate (to disk), not suspend (to
> RAM). hibernate works fine after configuring the power button
> to this function, as suggested by Michael Biebl. Thanks anyway.

looks like gnome specific.
did you check permissions?
I think this was in policykit

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