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Re: Book questions

As this is starting to take the tone of a religious argument ( :-) let
me say that while you may not need to know all of the dark corners of C,
you will want to know its semantics and here is why.  Inevitably you
will have to need to use system calls and when you look them up in the
manual pages what is described is the C interface.  Certainly, many
higher level languages offer wrappers around various system calls but
often not all of them so it will be to your benefit to at least be
comfortable with some knowledge of C semantics.

There will be times when you'll need to consult the C library
documentation and, guess what, its documentation is written assuming a
familiarity with C.  Many other libraries have documentation for C even
though wrappers are offered for various languages.  The list goes on.

Personally, until I got a better handle on C, I had difficulty really
understanding the Linux/POSIX system.

- Nate


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