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Re: debian 8

On 04/13/2015 02:00 PM, Petter Adsen wrote:
On Mon, 13 Apr 2015 13:04:28 -0400
Gene Heskett <gheskett@wdtv.com> wrote:

I just copied that link myself and opened it in Firefox. A "sign in or
log on" box was displayed, which I closed without doing either (click
on the "X"), and then got a page containing the name of the file with a
button marked "Download". I clicked the button, and got a menu with the
choices "direct download", and "download to my Dropbox". Clicking the
first downloaded the pdf in the normal fashion.

What, apart from using JavaScript (which I agree is not desirable), is

IOW, we cannot see whats at the link.

I could.

Is there not another service that is more "friendly" to the use its
used for?

Gene, it worked for me as mentioned. So, now I have a copy of a user manual I'll never use. Think of all the pages that pop up some facebook create an account thing. Click 'em off. Hit "Download". Petter did a good thing.

Not that many that has Linux clients, unfortunately. I know of only two
- Google Drive (unofficial client only, and I dislike Google), and
CloudMe (where I haven't got any free space right now).

I could have posted the original link, but since I had to download a
zip and unpack it to see if the manual contained any information on
removing the battery in the first place, I just posted the link to
the pdf itself as that seemed simpler.

I was honestly just trying to help the OP in a way that was easy for us
both, and since my mother manages to download the files I put on
Dropbox for her, I just assumed it would be an acceptable solution.

that would be between you and Bret. The rest of us seem to be kicking your tires and complaining about the size.

Anyway, it's all academic now, as I've emailed the pdf to Bret.

Worked for me. Ric

My father, Victor Moore (Vic) used to say:
"There are two Great Sins in the world...
..the Sin of Ignorance, and the Sin of Stupidity.
Only the former may be overcome." R.I.P. Dad.

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