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Re: debian 8

Quoting Bret Busby (bret.busby@gmail.com):
> As I have previously stated, elsewhere, I have not been able to get a
> screensaver and screenlock, to properly run, on Debian 7; the only
> thing that I have found, so far, is the trojan horse that is part of
> the xfce interface, and, on a previous occasion, as what had appeared
> to have been an orderly system shutdown, apparently failed (the system
> shut down, but then led to a system failure, with no power lights or
> anything, on trying to later, power up the computer), requiring the
> system to be taken to a hardware service place for repair, and, as I
> have as yet been unable to get Debian 7 to find a connected (and yes,
> connected and powered up, before booting the computer) external
> monitor, on two separte compters "running" Debian 7, then, yes, I
> believe that my experience is that Debian 7 still has a way to go,
> before it is functional and stable.
> Debian 7, to me, is still "testing", and, it is very testing.
> It has certainly made a fool of me, having caused me to take a
> computer to a hardware service place, about 40km away, for hardware
> repair, due to what was done to the system, by Debian 7.

What did they find out was wrong with it?


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