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Re: Book questions

On Thu, Apr 09, 2015 at 02:15:12PM +0200, Petter Adsen wrote:
> For a long time I've been meaning to learn more about regular
> expressions, and I found the following books: "Mastering Regular
> Expressions" and "Sed & awk", both from O'Reilly. Does anyone have any
> experience with these, and an opinion as to which I should start with?

If you read through "sed & awk" you will get a decent
introduction, and "Mastering" is a good follow-up.

'man perlre' (perl regular expressions) is a good reference in
most cases; more so if you're actually using perl, of course.

> I also found the K&R book, "The UNIX Programming Environment" by
> Kernighan and Pike, and "UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4" from
> O'Reilly. Since I want to learn C I know I need to read the first of
> these, but I was wondering how the other two are, if anyone here has
> read them.

They aren't exactly up to date, but they contain much which is
still relevant. System V release 4 was one of the models for

"Learning Perl" and "The Perl Cookbook" are good for Perl; you
might want "UNIX System Administration", but you'll definitely
want "The Debian Administrator's Handbook" at


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