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Re: Architecture independent package

* sppmg <sm.sppmg@gmail.com> [2015-04-09 19:57 +0800]:

> Hi all
> I want type Chinese in skype in Debian (testing) amd64, so I need this
> package :
> "hime"
> (skype need "hime-qt4-immodule:i386" , I google to get this .)
> It's will depend "hime-data:i386". But .... hime-data is architecture
> independent package, there is no ":i386" .
> How can i solve this ?

$ apt-cache show hime-data

Package: hime-data
Source: hime
Version: 0.9.10-5
Installed-Size: 740
Maintainer: IME Packaging Team <pkg-ime-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
Architecture: all
Description-en: icons, locales and scripts for HIME
 HIME Input Method Editor is a input method platform, which is forked
 from the famous gcin input method.
 This package contains icons, locales, scripts and other architecture-
 independent things.
Description-md5: a10a92078a29a5c3ad9fecec03c0526b
Homepage: http://hime.luna.com.tw
Section: utils
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/h/hime/hime-data_0.9.10-5_all.deb
Size: 488682
MD5sum: f27f73cb00f2af7d3c73a02a87dac598
SHA1: 70f97d94037998074025f34e5f591573bda01707
SHA256: d306968cc0c24dcf8301e4ae6ab136ff1de15431181f181f3b3541ef0038bf7f

architecture-independent means this package contains only files
which are readable on any arch. Just install it and be happy.

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