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Re: A question about deleting a big file structure from a big disk in Jessie: Why does this work? I'm really worried.

> In the environment you described I would not be worried.  I have never
> lost any data on my USB mounted disks.  You sound like you are
> mounting your device for backup, using it, then unmounting it until
> needed again.  I have never had any problems doing that.  I think you
> could continue that without any hesitation.
> In my case leaving a USB disk *mounted* for a long time and in active
> use always resulted in the device eventually (month, two months)
> reporting I/O errors which caused the kernel to kick the device out of
> the system.  I would need to power cycle the enclosure.  After a power
> cycle and a remove and replace then I could mount it again.

FWIW, my experience has been identical to yours (BTW, I now use a
Banana Pi connected via ethernet as a "drive enclosure" instead: it
doesn't even consume more power than the external power supply of my
previous enclosure).

> I like eSATA as it is simply an external SATA.  For enclosures that
> simply cable the SATA to the drive it is as reliable as an internal
> SATA drive.

Same here.  Only problem is that my Fit-PC2 (to which I need to connect
that drive) only has 1 sata port and it's already got another drive.

Another problem with eSata is the power

> How will you know if money equals value?  It is a Market for Lemons.
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Market_for_Lemons

Actually, I haven't found much variation at all between different kinds
of USB<->Sata converters and drive enclosures.  I've had a few expensive
brand-name ones and various cheap ones, and they all had pretty much the
same reliability (or lack thereof).  Also there was no correlation
between the price and the "featureset" (to me, the most important ones
being whether the SMART commands were passed through and even more
importantly whether hdparm could be used to control the spin-down time).

> I can't recommend spending more money.  The odds are good that it
> would be a waste of money.

That's also my experience.

> > I'm looking at this:
> > http://www.amazon.co.uk/Akasa-AK-CBSA03-80BK-Flexstor-eSATA-Cable/dp/B005GNP72M
> > + caddy (let's say).

Looks good.  If you find a cable that does only the power half of that
cable (i.e. USB to Sata-power), let me know.

> Just beware of the power drain of the device.  The USB power limit on

Usually, the max-power drain is at spin-up, so if the drive starts,
you should be good (unless the power delivered to your USB port might
depend on other factors, in which case you need to check that the drive
can spin-up even when the rest of the system is maximally loaded).


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