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Re: A question about deleting a big file structure from a big disk in Jessie: Why does this work? I'm really worried.

Paul E Condon wrote:
> David Wright wrote:
> > I'm not so unlucky as Bob appears to be (he says, touching wood), but
> I think Bob came to his conclusion during a previous period of
> instability in Debian,

It could also be that I was unlucky in my purchase of cheap USB disk
enclosures.  Which is why I was careful to relate my experience but
not cast blame.  Your experiences and others may very well be
different!  You will have different hardware at the least.  That will
make a big difference.  I encourage everyone to generate their own
experience and collect and report the data from it.  It is obvious
what I am thinking but that doesn't mean it is correct.  I am simply
communicating in what I hope to be a helpful way.

Also I know the USB interface is terrible.  I have had the fortune not
to need to develop on it directly but I have worked with others who
have had to deal with it in great detail.  Everyone always says the
same thing.  People who work at the low level USB always report that
it is a terrible standard.  And yet it has arrived as the defacto
interconnect used everywhere.  Sigh.  We are going to need to be using
it for many years.

I do pause for thought when people talk about file system and usb
problems "in Debian" as if Debian is the upstream for it.  For the
most part this would be "in Linux" (unless one was a kfreebsd user).
Although Debian does have patches for the Linux kernel as far as I can
see every attempt is made to stick with upstream for the main
functionality as much as possible.  No one wants to fork and maintain
critical functionality such as this.  If I had read "a previous period
of instability in Linux" I think that would have been more accurate.
Yet the Debian Stable kernels have been selected versions of the Linux
kernel selected for their stability.  And I had no other flakiness

That is why I blame my cheap hardware.  And I emphasize cheap because
literally I can't remember spending more than $20 for any one of my
USB disk enclosures.  It is a "Market for Lemons".


> but rather than start an argument that can only degenerate trying to
> score debating point, I want to gather more date.

I hope we have a pleasant discourse concerning it.  Out of the
collected experience I hope we can deduce the best ways to deal with
these problems.  Hopefully no arguments between us.

> Bob has already helped me by making a truly useful suggestion,
> for which I thank him.

You are most welcome for the hints!  Small and insignificant though
they may be.


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