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Re: A question about deleting a big file structure from a big disk in Jessie: Why does this work? I'm really worried.

David Wright wrote:
> I must investigate nice/renice to prevent its taking over.

And also check out 'ionice' too in addition to nice/renice.  It is
useful in this problem space when dealing with I/O bandwidth and

And in the problem space of 'nice' there is another very interesting
program called 'loadwatch'.  It is pretty cool.


  man loadwatch

       loadwatch - run a program when machine is idle

       loadwatch [options] -p pid | [--] prog [args]

       loadwatch either spawns a child process prog with the arguments
       args and controls it with all its process group, or takes
       control of an already running process with pid pid with all its
       process group.

       loadwatch allows the controlled processes to run while the load
       average remains below high_limit. Every delay seconds,
       loadwatch checks the load average. If the load is above
       high_limit, the child is suspended; the child is resumed when
       the load falls below low_limit.

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