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Re: Question about MultiArch and dependencies

On 30/12/14 06:47 PM, Raphaël Halimi wrote:
Le 30/12/2014 17:23, Gary Dale a écrit :
Then again, knowing how to ask a question is also important. It would
Then again, not everybody is born in an english-speaking country.

seem that your real concern is having two terminals on the menu.
It is _one_ of my concerns. The other one being apt not resolving these
dependencies the way I expected it to. Unlike you, Sven understood the
question immediately and unlike you, he gave an appropriate answer. I
filed a bug report against mate-terminal. Problem solved.

However, did you actually test that it would happen? Would installing
the multiarch version give you two xterms or would the last one
installed overwrite the first?

Could you simply remove the second menu item if one did in fact show up?

Did you try removing the mate version of xterm before installing the one
steam prefers?
What does it have to do with my initial question about dependencies
resolving ? Stop trying to justify yourself and just admit you were
gratuitously rude to someone you mistook for a newbie.

There is an old saying that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. If you want to report a bug, report it. If you want a solution to a problem, ask for help.

I'd like to find out what happens if you try the solutions that I have suggested. I've got multiple terminals on my setup and it's never bothered me. I use the one I like most. That's a nice thing about Linux. But you apparently feel differently. That's also your choice. Has your bug report been addressed yet?

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