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Re: Question about MultiArch and dependencies

On 30/12/14 06:45 AM, Raphaël Halimi wrote:
Le 30/12/2014 06:04, Gary Dale a écrit :
On 29/12/14 11:59 PM, The Wanderer wrote:
On 12/29/2014 at 11:48 PM, Gary Dale wrote:

On 29/12/14 04:27 PM, Raphaël Halimi wrote:

Le 29/12/2014 21:52, Gary Dale a écrit :
Apparently not.
Wow, very useful answer. Thanks a lot !
Given that most packages are trivially small compared with disk space
and memory these days, especially on gaming computers, the question
itself is almost pointless. Just pull in the dependency and forget
about it.
It's far from pointless if you're wanting to try to _understand_ what's
going on and why, which is an eminently reasonable goal and one which
should be encouraged rather than treated dismissively.

I read it as a complaint, not a question. He didn't ask why didn't it,
just shouldn't it. He didn't say it created any problems with his
desktop environment, just frustration that he needed two xterms.
1/ Remember that not all people speak English as their native language.
2/ Although it was indeed a question and not a complaint, I'm trying to
build a desktop for non-computer-literate people, used to simple layouts
like stock MacOSX, so yeah, having two terminals in the menu _is_ a
problem for the goal I'm trying to reach.
3/ Following your logic, I just should have forgotten about the problem
(because it _is_ a problem in mate-terminal's packaging, as Sven pointed
out) and live with it... I wonder where Debian would be today if
everyone treated minor bugs like you do. Indeed, I could just
dpkg-divert the desktop file to hide it on the machines I install
(that's probably what I'll do if the fix doesn't reach Jessie before the
release), but as The Wanderer said, understanding why apt reacts like
that was much more interesting, and reporting this kind of minor bugs in
packaging, in addition to saving me a little bit of work on future
installations, allows to fix the problem not only for Debian, but for
all of its downstreams as well (Ubuntu, Mint, Crunchbang, etc etc).

Just admit that you didn't really understand the question, and gave a
useless and almost rude answer. These things happen, it's no big deal.

Then again, knowing how to ask a question is also important. It would seem that your real concern is having two terminals on the menu. However, did you actually test that it would happen? Would installing the multiarch version give you two xterms or would the last one installed overwrite the first?

Could you simply remove the second menu item if one did in fact show up?

Did you try removing the mate version of xterm before installing the one steam prefers?

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