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Re: New Kernel but there is no screen... :(

Am Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014, 10:40:55 schrieben Sie:
> It has the black screen after boot when try load the desktop login screen -
> so this is the 2. - from which you mentioned.
> I have got two NVIDIA 8600GT - in SLI - with two screens plugged in one of
> the cards - as you could see in my xorg.conf - which was posted here.
> Many thanks
So, that might be the point. You got SLI. I believe, that might be the reason. 
I am not experienced with SLI. But there is a good manual for the entries in 
xorg.conf sent with the package. 

I suggest to iterate the problem. If it is possible, to insert only one card, 
then do so. Use only just one monitor. If this is working, add the other 
monitor. If they are both working ( I believe, there is a "twin" or "Stereo" 
option in xorg.conf), then add the second card.

If you do so, then you may find out the reason. 

Also check, if the nvidia module is loaded (I guess you did already) by using 
lsmod | grep nvidia.

Make sure, the nouveau module is NOT loaded! (lsmod | grep nouveau).

The problem is, that we do still not know, what the real reason is for the 

Hope this helps.



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