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Re: New Kernel but there is no screen... :(

Am Montag, 29. Dezember 2014, 18:19:52 schrieb Gábor Hársfalvi:
> Hi all,
> I did all what the Hans and the wiki-site suggested - Installed dkms, and
> the header file too - and it updated the initramfs too.
> But after restarting I still get the black screen :(
> If I booted to the previous working - kernel 2.6 version - with grub it
> succesfully load my xorg.conf.
> Please Help
To clear things: Do you get blank screen while booting, or when the graphics 
driver is loaded.

In the first case, it might help, to delete the nouveau module of the kernel 
(alternatively move it out of the way).

It might also be, that the initrd does not include the right vesa driver or 
the nvidia driver is still not in the initramdisk.

To say more to this, we need more information.

1. Do you use grub-legacy or grub-pc?

2. Try to add or remove the vga=XXX option in the grub commandline and see 
what happens.

3. Try to remove the nvidia-kernel-module and add the nouveau kernel module 
instead and see what happens.


If you mean, there is a blank screen when the graphic driver is loaded, try 

1. Remove nouveau (as above)

2. Move /etc/init.d/kdm (gdm,xdm) what ever out of the way. When you are in 
command prompt, you can do a "startx" and see the message output.

What graphic chip do you use? The command lspci is telling more.

Good luck


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