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Re: Wheezy->Jessie upgrade: udev (pre)install issue

Matthijs wrote:
> In the end I've also replaced the kernel by the Jessie-version, so that
> possible issue is solved - but:
> would it perhaps be better if the wheezy-jessie upgrade process creates
> "/etc/udev/kernel-upgrade" by default to prevent upgrade issues? Or is
> stopping the upgrade for these exotic cases better? (in other words: is a
> bugreport needed or not?)

If it did that automatically that would break a lot of systems and
would need a bug report.  It is impossible to handle all custom kernel
situations automatically.  If you have built a custom kernel
presumably it is because you need (or want) a custom kernel.  Stopping
the upgrade with a notification of the problem (which it does) is the
best that it can do.  That is not a bug.  That is the best it can do.

To be clear automatically creating /etc/udev/kernel-upgrade would NOT
"prevent upgrade issues" but would instead *create* upgrade issues.


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