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Re: wordperfect 5.1 for unix, and debian?

On 20/12/14 10:21 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
Not you Patrick, someone else.
I am sort of quoting
"I still do not know what you have against <whatever they were suggesting> it is far superior to wordperfect.
Odd idea about a virtual machine too.
The is far superior is the sort of thing I mean. Especially when so many others have reasons to appreciate their own word processor preferences.

I believe I'm the person who made the remark. It's based on comparing features, ease of use and stability. If you took an independent evaluation of the current crop of word processors available in the world, and compared them against WP51, I doubt anyone would rate WP51 above the major free options.

At some point we should just accept that some products are just better than others. Familiarity may make you comfortable with a product but the computer world never stands still. Clinging to the past leads to problems with keeping things current - such as finding a way to run WordPerfect on a platform that the manufacturer no longer supports.

I also recall WP's reveal codes. Funny thing is, I've never missed them. LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org before it never messed up my documents enough to make me want to see what they were doing.

As for whether the user interface is good or bad, I don't really care. I hate a lot of the current crop of user interfaces because they try to get too clever. The best user interface is the one that works for that particular user.

For the great unwashed masses of us who don't spend all day "word processing", we want one that allows us to find the features we want when we need them. LibreOffice does that. A lot of the new crop of interfaces like to hide things away to make the top bar smaller. This effectively gives you an extra layer of menu to get to the feature you want. It may look snazzy but it doesn't help me process words.

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