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Re: C++ compiler g++-4.9

Le 10.12.2014 13:23, Nick Mpallas a écrit :
Hi guys,
I am building a platform and I need to compile apache mesos from
sources. The issue is that the guys the require support for specific
c++11 features that in the 4.7 compiler currently supported by debian
aren't there. Will the g++ compiler will be updated?We would like to
use debian as the backbone operating system for our cluster.


What I would do if I were you, would be to add Jessie in your sources.list, not as a normal repository, but only as a source one (src-deb). So, you would be able to retrieve g++ Jessies's source package, and build it on the stable libc6. This will result in a debian package that you'll be able to deploy on your cluster.

Now, be careful: you will have to find a way to know when there is an update of that package, to not miss security updates. Especially if the softwares you write are available through network.

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