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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

Le 09.12.2014 17:49, Marty a écrit :
As for what is growing, cloud computing, so they can look at our data
and keep us safe.

Cloud computing was here before the buzz-word. Cloud computing is composed by:
_ mail server + web MUA
_ FTP server + web interface
_ wtf server + wtf web interface

The "cloud computing" is just, imho, putting in one word what the centralized internet is. Something like this "goold ol'minitel".

The app store concept is growning, and the "unified solution" is coming to distro near you, with TC/DRM as added bonus. Don't forget that OS-X
is built on FOSS, blazing the trail.

The app store concept exists in Debian since ages!
What are, finally, apt* tools, except tools to manage... debian stores? XD The only difference is, in Debian, you can add unofficial repos. It's not enough to make Mac's "concept" a concept. It only is good enough to make it a pale copy of what exists since years in Desktop linux distros. Oh, sorry, I just forgot that... linux is not desktop ready, right :) (day of troll here ;) ) but more seriously, currently, the apt/rpm/etc idea is being adopted by other desktop systems, the ones which have users saying that installing something on linux is too hard. I prefer to think that the OSes I use are not ready for the masses. If they invent things that masses are not ready for, they the OS is not ready for the masses, but it's a quality, not a defect.

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