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RE: C++ compiler g++-4.9

Le 11.12.2014 13:20, Bonno Bloksma a écrit :

On 12/10/2014 01:23 PM, Nick Mpallas wrote:
I am building a platform and I need to compile apache mesos from
sources. The issue is that the guys the require support for specific c++11 features that in the 4.7 compiler currently supported by debian
aren't there. Will the g++ compiler will be updated?

The versions in each release don't get updated, that's part of what makes it "stable".

That and the fact that Debian tries to use a version of the software
that has been out for a while and has proven to be relative free of

Well, versions don't get updated, except if you include the backports in your sources.list. Also, are only security fixes updated, or bugs are included? If both or those updates are included, I guess that a software which maintains a stable release with versions dedicated to fixes could be updated in stable.
Am I wrong?

You'll need either to use jessie (that's going to be released in a couple of months), or you could build an in house gcc backport (or even request one to the backports team: [1])

One can even start using Jessie now if the problems that prevent
releasing Jessie are not problems one runs into.

The OP mentioned that he want to use Debian for a cluster. I doubt that, for clusters, one would use a beta version, and Jessie is, actually, a beta version.

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