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Re: How is typical home computer used today?

On 12/12/2014, Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> wrote:
> Lisi Reisz wrote:
>> On Thursday 11 December 2014 14:48:41 Richard Owlett wrote:
>>> The OP correctly phrased the question as "How is typical home
>>> computer used today?"
>>> As I'm the OP, I should know. <GRIN>
>> If we had trouble understanding it, then you did *NOT* correctly phrase
>> the
>> question.
>> And you have *STILL* not said what you mean by typical, which is
>> meaningless.
>> Nor have you said what you mean by a home computer.
> typical - definition of typical by The Free Dictionary
> typ·i·cal (t p-k l) adj. 1. Exhibiting the qualities, traits, or
> characteristics that identify a kind, class, group, or category:
> a typical suburban community.
> thefreedictionary.com/typical
> Home dictionary definition | home defined
> The definition of home is something that relates to or happens
> inside the place where a person or family resides.
> yourdictionary.com/home


And I had seen at a person's residence, the PDP-11 computer that he
had obtained, and, kept there, and used for for playing with octal

By your definition, a "home computer".

He lived in a block of flats; "a typical suburban community", as you have cited.


Why do you object so strongly, to simply asking the appropriate question?

Bret Busby
West Australia

"So once you do know what the question actually is,
 you'll know what the answer means."
- Deep Thought,
 Chapter 28 of Book 1 of
 "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
 A Trilogy In Four Parts",
 written by Douglas Adams,
 published by Pan Books, 1992


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